Without А Single Аdoption Аppointment, Тhis Sweet Dog Нas Вeen In Тhe Shelter For Аlmost 730 Days

Coco was surrendered to MLAR in 2019 when his family moved from Connecticut to Pennsylvania and no longer had time for him. The shelter wanted to locate Coco a new family as quickly as possible, like they do with all of their animals, but sadly that did not happen.

Coco has been at the shelter for more than 730 days and is still there. He hasn’t had a single appointment for adoption. No one has shown a desire to work with him. Coco continues to wait for the perfect family to notice him.

Coco is the sweetest dog once he gets to know you, but it may take a while for him to warm up to you. His friends at the shelter think that part of the reason he’s still waiting is because he comes across as scared at first.

“Coco is apprehensive of strangers at first, but once he realizes they mean no harm and he can trust them, he is funny, affectionate, and playful,” Heidi Mottin, an MLAR volunteer, told The Dodo. “He loves giving kisses and is brave when going outside the shelter. Coco is a huge dog with trust difficulties, and while most people want a dog that would fit in immediately, Coco will take some time to adjust.”

Coco’s apprehension stems in part from the fact that he’s been at the shelter for so long. It’s difficult to rest in a high-stress situation with so many other dogs about, but his shelter pals are certain that once he’s in his forever home, he’ll be able to relax more and settle in peacefully.

Coco is accustomed to the routine of shelter life, according to Mottin. “He looks resigned to it, almost as if he’s given up on the idea that there’s more to life.”

Coco works along with other calm, low-key dogs, but after spending so much time at a shelter, he’d probably prefer to be the only pet in his new home, at least as first. He’s seeking for a quiet place to call home where he won’t be harassed. He’d want to be able to spend quality time with his new family without having to cope with a continual influx of new people.

Coco has established several long friends at the shelter over the years. They adore him and, while they will be sorry to see him go, all they want is for him to find a loving home with a family who will love him as much as they do.

April Madel, a volunteer at MLAR, told The Dodo, “Once you earn Coco’s confidence (which doesn’t take long), he is a happy-go-lucky boy.”

Coco has been on the search for a home for quite some time, and he may not have to wait much longer.

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