Dog Rescued With Сrushed Front Рaw, Еnding Нis Рain


This story is about Judo, a sad dog who was hit by a car and had several fractures in his leg. Judo’s leg has several fractures. RRSA India came to his aid. Judo was hit by a vehicle. Dogs that have been hit by a car or have undergone severe trauma may have many fractures! Judo appeared to be in …

Тhis Little Dog Вefriended А Вutterfly – Тhe World Was Рerfect!


Sure, world peace is still a long way off — but for a few brief seconds, this pup and her odd new companion provided the world with a precious glimpse of perfect harmony. Rylee Boland and her French bulldog, Mochi, were relaxing at home in California the other week when a colorful little stranger decided to pay them a visit. …

Нeartbroken Dog Lives Аlone In Еmpty Нouse For Мonths Аfter Оwner Dies


For some stray dogs, life on the streets may be incredibly upsetting, to the point where they are unable to trust. When there are other people around, they become terrified and timid, unable to trust they would not be injured. It’s sad because no animal should ever feel unloved or uncared for. Fortunately, there are groups full of kind people …

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