While She Waits For А Нome, Тhis Dog Нas Witnessed 941 Аnimals Вeing Аdopted From А Shelter

Sue was rescued as a small puppy and sent to the shelter on August 22, 2017. The lovely puppy soon acclimated to the amenities of Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

Sue was supposed to find a permanent home shortly, according to the shelter volunteers, but everything appears to indicate that they were mistaken. Sue has been waiting for the ideal family for four years.

Adorable Sue has spent the most of her life at the shelter, having arrived there as a newborn.

Little dog has witnessed how they adopt their new friends.

Sue was given the option to be adopted in 2018, according to the shelter’s members, but the family returned her. She has always been known as a kind, friendly dog, and no one understands why she is still looking for a home after such a long time.

In a statement, Rachel Jones, the shelter’s director, said:

We’re not sure why Sue hasn’t been moved yet. We absolutely adore her and like taking her for long walks and paying special attention to her, but we’re desperate for her to have her own place.

– The saddest part is that since his arrival at the shelter, he has been able to observe how 941 of the facility’s resident animals have been adopted.

No one gives up hope, and they hope that one day the right family will walk through the shelter’s door and decide to adopt her. For the time being, this has not occurred, and Sue has been doing very well with her training despite some behavioral difficulties.

Furthermore, everyone believes that with the proper family, Sue will be able to continue to change her behavior and adapt well to her new place.

Rachel expressed herself as follows:

“Sue is a nice and clever dog who may get a little enthusiastic at times, so she would benefit from parents who can keep her training going! She is very loving and enjoys sitting with you on the chair as well as playing games with you! “It’s his games!”

He’s also very social and loves making friends, but it’s advised that he remain the sole pet in his new home for the rest of his life. Sue is intelligent and understands basic instructions such as sit and paw, but she has a lot more to learn.

Rachel continued, ”

“I’d prefer the new owner to be present the majority of the time. You’ll need a quiet area to relax if you’re feeling stressed at home. We’d want it to have a secure garden as well.

Sue is pampered and beloved by the volunteers and lives comfortably at the shelter. She has made many friends during her time there.

But everyone understands that Sue has to be able to locate the right permanent home above everything else.

Rachel had this to say:

“It’s past time for me to start again with a wonderful new family who can finally give you the love and stability you deserve.”

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