Тhis Shar Рei Is Вest Friends With А Сat, Аnd Тheir Рhotos Аre Just Тoo Аdorable

Paddington and Butler were inseparable friends since the day one.

Butler the cat unexpectedly came into our lives on 1st January 2014, clearly too young to be away from his mum he was drawn to Paddington and the affection he received from him.

Their bond was instant I would find them sitting together looking at the window or cuddled up in bed even trying to share food bowl, this led Paddington’s few failed attempts at using the kitty litter.

In the early days of 2017 we found out Paddington had lymphoma has been receiving chemotherapy. Every time we came back from the vet without fail Butler is at the window waiting for his best friend.

Their friendship is truly everlasting and amazing.

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