А Family Discovers Тhe Ideal Мethod For Кeeping Тrack Оf Тwo Тiny Dogs

Ricky Ray is fiercely protective of his family and must always be close to them. Despite his little size, he’s a tenacious dog that believes he’s much bigger than he is.

Ricky Ray’s family member Layla Tucker told The Dodo, “He’s really affectionate and cuddly with family, but quite shy with strangers as [are] most other Chihuahuas.” “He is extremely protective of our mother and will charge any dog that approaches her, especially while they are in bed. He only has three teeth in total, therefore he doesn’t cause much harm. He’s also around 4 pounds, but he believes he’s a Great Dane.”

Tucker’s family and friends recently stayed in the same house for a short vacation to celebrate several family birthdays. They were scared about losing track of Ricky Ray and another Chihuahua, Petrie, who was also living there because it was a new place. The house also featured large iron gates with spaces between them, which the little dogs could easily pass through. They needed a means to keep the little men from getting lost, and they figured out the best way to do it.

They planned to wrap balloons to Ricky Ray and Petrie so that the family could see them everywhere they went — and it worked perfectly.

After that, all someone had to do to find one of the dogs was search for the bobbing balloons, and there they were.

“It’s wonderful for parties, wandering pets, elderly people, and even children to protect people from treading on them,” Tucker added. “Ricky Ray is typically right next to Mom’s foot, which prevents her from treading on him. When we’re in an unfamiliar location, he tends to roam, so it’s also helpful to keep track of him.”

The small Chihuahuas looked unconcerned with their new accoutrements and went about their life as normal.

Tucker stated, “They didn’t appear to mind the balloons at all.” “They don’t go very quickly or far.”

The balloons kept Ricky Ray and Petrie from becoming trodden on the entire time everyone was staying at the home together, and also notified everyone if they wandered too far away. They were not only a cute solution, but they also kept them safe, which was the most important aspect.

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